A Few Words

About Us

At Golden Key we act as introducers for our clients, which simply means that we refer clients or business requirements to companies. We offer guidance / services to industrialists and entrepreneurs who seek funds to take their dream projects to the next level. We specialize in providing guidance to suit the individual needs of every entrepreneur. We offer personal guidance and expertise at all stages. We provide comprehensive information on funding opportunities available from various platforms. At the same time care and support is provided to help borrowers with organising their finances.

Golden Key represents investors and lending Institutions located all across Europe, Middle East and USA. We listen to the entrepreneurs and help them make the best choice. We study each case individually by conversing with the entrepreneurs or the industrialist and recommend the most appropriate forum and the lending programs corresponding with their needs, ability, motivation and satisfaction of each client.

The services we cover are for Buy to Let, Ltd Company Buy to Let, Commercial Loans and Bridging Loans.